BMX Grind Films Product Release Video! August 17, 2015 22:27

Today we filmed our first video/edit. It was a product release video for our staple product the BMX Grind. The final video should be out within the month as we finalize our website and prepare to launch. Grind Team members Jesse Sisco and Adrian Pinon absolutely crushed it.

Big S/O to the City of Roseville for the film permit. Also, Myles Smythe of Michigan Bluff Photography did an amazing job with this video. Since we are thanking people on our first blog post, let me run off the names of some of the people who were monumental in bringing this all to life for us: 

Tom Muller, Lona Hensley, Lyric Shaw, Caveli Hensley, Calvin Hensley, Miles Hensley, Louise Muller, Jayne Boyd, Shannon Hicks, Duval Hicks, Kim Cassat, Peter Schonning, Gary Reyes, Jayd Banuelos, Erin Lewis, Rickie Moss, Jesse Ellis, and Mark Young. There are many more who I am forgetting right now, but there are just so many people who have helped. We can't thank you enough. 

We can't wait to share the video and go live later this month. Thanks for your support!