BMX Grind was invented by Co-Founder Ryan Hensley in March 2015. After filing for all international patents, he and Co-Founder, Tom Muller started BMX Grind LLC in Rocklin, California. 

Ryan and Tom spent the first several months developing and testing the BMX Grind with several local BMX riders. After months of development with PHI2 Engineering out of Florida, an amazing product has emerged, changing BMX forever. BMX riders across the globe are excited to do all the new tricks the Grind has made possible. 

BMX Grind is a family owned business. For the two families (Hensley and Muller) and a small staff of amazing people, BMX Grind is a full time operation. Ryan operates as CEO, and Tom is the CFO. Together they make a great team.

BMX Grind has a small team of riders called the Grind Team. These riders represent BMX Grind across the globe and share our beliefs. BMX Grind believes in supporting the riders that make the sport so great. We stand against racism, homophobia, sexism, bullying, and all forms of hate. We use BMX as a platform to help others and have a positive impact in our communities. We believe all grinders under 18 should wear a helmet for protection, and we grind like a bunch of crazy bastards! 

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