1. Question: Will the Grind fit my bike?

Answer: If you ride with a 25t or 28t sprocket, the BMX Grind is adjustable in several ways, and fits almost all BMX Frames: round tube, oval, tear drop, it doesn't matter. If for some reason it does not fit properly. On the rare occasion, some unique frames may need custom Grinds made. Just communicate with us and we will get you the right part. We believe in serving our customers honestly and quickly.

2. Question: How can I purchase your products?

Answer: You can order through our website or Call us at 916-741-2651 with your credit card during our business hours. You can also mail cash, money order, or check to: BMX GRIND PO BOX 1582 Rocklin California 95677. Please include your return address.

3. Question: Do you charge sales tax?

Answer: California Residents will be charged sales tax. All other states will not be charged.

4. Question: Is your online ordering secure?

Answer: Yes, our shopping cart uses a Verisign Secure Server to make sure that your order is secured with encryption. Your privacy and security are important to us. Every financial transaction takes place via a secure, SSL-encrypted server. The SSL protocol-the industry standard in security-uses 128-bit encryption to encrypt all of your personal information, including name, address and credit card number.

5. Question: Do you offer any guarantees?

Answer: Yes. For 30 days we will repair or replace items defective from the factory. Buyer pays only for shipping.

6. Question: How can I be sponsored?

Answer: We are always looking for the next great member of Grind Team. When deciding who we sponsor we look for a few things. 1. Riding skills. How are you at riding? Can you do all the Grinds, including the BMX Grind? Are they exciting to watch? Do you have style? 2. We look at who you are as a person. Are you someone other kids and riders can look up to? Are you positive? Do you use hate speech? Are you a role model? 3. We look at your web presence. Part of the exchange for sponsorship is promotion. We want riders who will promote BMX Grind. Riders who already have a strong IG and FB following, and know how to market themselves, usually have an advantage. 

If you are interested in sponsorship, tag us in clips of yourself on IG using the BMX Grind. Use @bmx_grind #bmxgrind #grindteam.

Please understand that we get a lot of submissions and we unfortunately can only sponsor a limited amount of people. If you do not hear from us do not let it bother you. It may have nothing to do with your ability to ride. We may just not have the room at the moment. We have to pass on a lot of good riders. Ride for the love of it; not to get a sponsorship. If we don't choose you it is nothing personal.