Grind Team

BMX Grind Sponsored Riders go by Grind Team. 

Adrian Pinon | Sacramento | California | USA

Frame: Fit Bike Co | IG: @adrianpinonbmx

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Adrian is the first member of the Grind Team. Him and Jesse Sisco were the first two riders in the world to grind the BMX Grind. Adrian rides out of Sacramento California with the Sac Pack. Adrian is a grind specialist and has a style of his own. 

Cory Anderson | Rohnert Park | California | USA

Frame: S&M Whammo | IG: @corysun

Other Sponsors: HellaHellaClothing | ShieldBmx | TheBikePeddler | LilMikeysBeeswax | TheLowkeyGoods

Cory has a unique style of his own and is a well known badass in his part of the Golden State. Check out his IG and all the sick photos that Cory Sun and his people produce on a regular basis. 

Jad Bibb | Salem | Indiana | USA

Frame: Failure Spar | IG: @j_bibbster

Jad Bibb reps hard, not only for BMX Grind, but for the whole midwest BMX scene. Give him a follow on IG! Look at him shred the Grind in this pic! 

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